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  • Jun, 20 2019
    Brittany Geary
    Owner is rude and uneducated.

    Went in looking for biodegradable packing peanuts and was told that she recommends using bubble wrap because 'PLASTIC bubble wrap is better for the environment rather than using BIODEGRADABLE packing peanuts'. Are you serious.... Smh. Absolutely idiotic and she clearly needs to go back and get her GED. I can not believe she has the audacity to perpetuate a lie such as this to her customers.

    I run my own business specializing in Natural and Environmentally friendly products/packaging. The lady continued to argue with me that I was wrong and then used the excuse that 'U-haul products are too expensive'. Then why in the world do you work with U-haul only to bad mouth the company? Plus it is my right to spend the amount I want to on their products which U-haul has pretty much the BEST price out there for biodegradable packing peanuts. I switched over to them because of their price being better/them doing a way better job at keeping my products safer than bubble wrap. PLUS THEY ARE BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

    Beware that the lady also uses her tiny store as a daycare. There must have been a minimum of five kids running around being disruptive. The kids and her looked like they haven't bathed in days and I had to run straight home to shower after leaving their store. Very unprofessional.

    I would give this place ZERO stars if I could. I also noticed that the lady gave herself five stars on here. As a business owner myself - who does that!?! It's absolutely pathetic and shows how much she needs to give herself good reviews to have a descent rating. Personally, I now wonder about the authenticity of her other reviews that are above a one star rating.

    Found what I needed at another store with no help from this lady who flat out refused to tell me who else may carry the packing peanuts that I needed. Probably in hopes I would just buy her plastic and non biodegradable bubble wrap.

    In short - If you want to be treated like scum, receive no help whatsoever, feel dirty, talked down to, lied to, have your IQ level drop a level, etc... Then this is the place for you! I look forward to seeing her rebuttal that will most definitely be filled with lies and misinformation.
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